23 October 2011

a day with friends | Swanson • Caymus • Mumm

yesterday i ventured out for the first time without the baby, and enjoyed the most fabulous day with three amazing friends.  we grabbed the bubbles, jumped into the limo and spent the day sipping, noshing and laughing at three of our favorite spots- swanson vineyards, caymus vineyards and mumm.  sadly enough, even with two professional photographers in the group, none of us made it out of our homes that morning with our cameras- thank goodness for iPhones!  here's a little glimpse of our day.


{amber, ang + linds - three of my very favorite ladies}

{table decor in the salon at swanson vineyards}

{tasty bites to pair with tasty wines}

{who doesn't love potato chips with caviar}

{super yummy bonbons} 

{salon chandelier + ira yeager's artwork on the wall}

{the swanson sip shoppe...courtesy of lindsay's iphone}

{cellar at Caymus}

{our Caymus host- Joey Wagner}

{future amazing wines}

{DVX rosé} 

16 October 2011

CCB {photographs}

{just cannot get enough of these sleep smiles. melts my heart.}

06 October 2011

quote of the day {Steve Jobs}

"Your time on this earth is limited, don’t live someone else's life, 
live by your vision."

- Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011