09 January 2012

happy birthday, little mister!

last week our little man turned FIVE, and we are hardly able to wrap our brains around the lightning speed with which those five years flew by.  the thought of the next five years going by just as quickly makes me want to cuddle up with him and hold him as long as he'll let me in the hopes that i can somehow slowdown time.

it can be tricky to come up with fun parties for winter babies as you have to plan something indoors- you never know if it's going to be 65 degrees like it was this year, or literally the coldest day of the year as it was on his second birthday when we had a petting zoo and pony rides. we almost froze all of our friends. this year we brainstormed for some time then decided that as a lover of both art and gardening, a garden themed party at nimbus arts would be perfect for him...and it was!  from the painting of flower pots to the devouring of adorable ladybug cupcakes from our friends at the model bakery, it was a happy and fun day filled with lots of creativity, laughing and smiling.