05 December 2012

now that the vineyards are going to sleep for winter...

it's always around this time of year, when the vines are losing their leaves and getting ready for a long winter sleep, that i start to miss my evenings and early mornings in the vineyard .  below are some images from harvest photo shoots that i did this year.

02 December 2012

a summer revisited

i sat down to organize the nearly 3000 images that i've transferred from my phone to my laptop in the last few months, and realized that the summer really did pass by in the blink of an eye...

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01 December 2012

stormy autumn days

no one loves a rainy day more than i do, and i particularly love dark and stormy rainy days in autumn when we get that amazing contrast with the vibrant colored leaves.  although the rain usually precludes me from getting out with my real cameras, i always bring along my iPhone to snap pics of fearless puddle jumps, muddy dogs, and whatever else catches my eye.

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